Saturday, July 26, 2008

:: We're Survivin'! ::

Day one is almost down! Joe comes back in 4 days! My mom stayed with Trey, Emery, and I last night....whew! However, tonight is all me. I'm up for the challenge!

Update on my grandmother, Nana. She is doing much better the last couple of days. The dr. has taken her off of some medicine that was really making her grumpy. As far as her being non-responsive...apparently, she was being stubborn and had a reason to not respond to the dr.'s...she didn't like them! What can I say, she still has her personality. They have moved her from the hospital in Lake Jackson to a facility in Sugarland that has the means to care for the infections she has and to move her around more. The nursing home just wasn't cutting it. All in all, things are looking up these past few days.

Joe is in Dallas today for his grandma's funeral, and will fly to San Antonio in the morning to relieve some stress at coaching school. Everybody seems to be holding up very well in Dallas, so that is a blessing.

Well, both kiddos are sleepin' you know what that means in motherhood terms...I NEED TO SLEEP! :) Joe took my good camera on his excursion, but I'm going to dust the old one off and get it working in the next day or so....check back for pics.

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