Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Settling In...

Well, we've been home now for 3 days. Adjusting to having two instead of one is my biggest challenge. I mean really, you have to schedule your own potty/shower/snack time. It hasn't been too bad yet. Trey likes to help and he is growing up more and more each day. The first night we had Emery home, Trey wasn't too keen on the idea of Emery being able to stay in our room while he was ushered off to his big boy bed. After numerous escapes from his room, and tearing at my heart strings by crying, "I wanna sleep with mommy." We let him fall asleep with us before he got placed back in his bed. Yes, Joe and I crack sometime and give in! :) Joe is slowly easing into football season this week. It will be in full swing this Sunday when they head off to coaching school. Don't let the words 'Coaching School' fool you....they are staying at a lake house, and they might make it to the convention center once in the 3 or 4 days that they are there. I will attemt to hold down the fort while he is will hopefully be in one piece when he gets back.

On a sadder note this week...we just got a call that Joe's grandmother 'B-Bill' passed away this morning of a heart attack. Everyone is holding up as well as can be expected. She was a great lady and it just saddens me that she didn't get to meet her newest great-granddaughter. She would have adored her. Also, my grandmother 'Nana' is in the hospital and is non-responsive and looks like she won't be around much longer. I am struggling with the fact that she hasn't met Emery yet either (not to mention Trey loves his Nana), but I know God will do what needs to be done....and these 2 awesome ladies will keep a watchful eye over our family.

That's all for now....I'm off to take a shower, while it is still peaceful around here.

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Tammy said...

Kristy- where do you live? Email me. It sounds like you need some meals!!!