Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're Baaaack!

Just one of the roads we traveled this week! We have been in Bandera with the Owens'/Gracy/Downs crew. What a fun time we had! I had to snap a picture of this...

To prove that we did, indeed, see some rain! The smell of rain was soooo sweet!

We also saw a TON of these...

One night on our way back to our condo, we counted 40!

We went to Uvalde and Concan one day...awesome.

The poor Frio is sooo low in spots. We were at Neal's, can we say YUM to the fried chicken??

We headed to the water after lunch, and watched some not-so-smart kid jump out of a tree!

Miss Em was being bashful and hung out on the banks with Papa...

While we were driving one evening, I had to get a shot of this sky. How can you not believe in God with skies like this???

One afternoon, Billie and I went out for a little shopping and wanted to scope out some places to take our family picture...Joe had found a place earlier that day that was behind the city park. Well, we found his place but instead of turning around, we wandered up the private road that kept going. Up on top of this hill, we stumbled upon the Silver Spur Dance Hall. OMG, the coolest photo opportunity EVER. I mentioned that it was private property and we probably ought to hi-tail head back to the house. After getting home, we worked up the courage to call the number we found. Success! The lady was very nice and said no problem at all!

Check THIS out!

Here's our family picture...we got to use the timer for the first time.

Thank you Papa & Grandma for an awesome week!

Now, back to the mounds of laundry!!! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

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