Monday, July 13, 2009

* Changes *

Whew, normalcy is returning to the Owens' household. We have been blowin' and goin' all summer, and it has finally started to slow down! Our road trips and vacations were packed full of memories. Great times! Now it's time to tackle that small mountain that has formed in my laundry room! I swear those clothes are up to something in there, they had to have multiplied overnight!

Can you beileve that this little girl is going to be 1 on Saturday?!?! Where did the time go?

Joe and I did something ridiculous drastic last week. I dare you to do it...double dog dare you. We had the cable/satellite disconnected. AKA. NO TV AT took me a few hours to catch my breath once reality set in. We have managed to make it a week! Mimi and Uncle Cody have a running bet that we won't make it past a month and a half! Don't worry though, I have already made arrangements to go watch the Bachelorette at Mimi's! Mimi says she is going to starting charging a cover for me to come over and watch. Ha!

As if the TV wasn't enough of a change, we are also becoming a one car family. Getting rid of a car payment is going to give us a little know, since some un-named school district threw all of its teachers under the bus to make the tax payers happy. Thanks Mr. Un-Named Superintendent. Moving on...It really was in the stars for us to sell Joe's truck. My brother's car bit the bullet and it made for a really easy transition. At least the truck is staying in the family! Trey is happy about that.

Don't worry, we're not living by candlelight and using an outhouse...yet. KIDDING.

This is Joe's last week at home before he is off to coaching school his 4-day vacation on Lake Travis. If you know anything about football coaches, then you know that once coaching school count down the days until November/December! Well, I better get back to the laundry...that is if I can even get in the door to the laundry room!

Stay tuned for pictures of Emery's birthday party!

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Tammy said...

You can doooooooooo it :)
We are Dave Ramsey-ers (is that a word?) and I can totally relate. This is the first house where we have had (basic) cable, we do not have car payments, etc. It is hard, but sooooooooooo worth it. The weight will start to fall off your shoulders and you will be so glad.
Let's get together before summer is over!!!