Thursday, July 30, 2009


What's that? That's my computer saavy three year old with his new favorite...the mouse. The kid is a computer whiz. Should we expect anything less from my child?! Daddy's really tech saavy too, so Trey and Emery don't really have much of a choice.

Before we go any further, let's discuss the 'boo boo' on Trey's hand. Is it wierd, that I have a scar in that very spot, on the same hand?! I thought so...

Since we disconnected the satellite, and don't have TV any longer...our 42" TV has become a massive computer monitor...It's a good thing that we have the laptop too, or we would have some serious issues with sharing. Trey LOVES his computer time. If that makes me a bad mom, then so be it....but it might be the only 30 minutes or so that Trey will sit still! Should I be worried that he knows how to use the scroll bar, and can navigate the ENTIRE Thomas web site...including showing us his Christmas presents he wants?

My point exactly!

The monitor...s-a-weet.

While we're on the subject of favorites...take a look at this thing. This is better known as Trey's favorite night, night. One of Grandma's clients had this made, and for whatever How sad does that look? Could someone (it's not gonna be me!) please tell him that big boys don't have night night's. Check out those patches. That's the extent of my sewing skills...don't laugh.

This is Trey...oh, and by the way, Emery sucks the same thumb, and works her night night the same way. Is it possible to have twins, 2 and 1/2 years apart?!

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Bleah Briann said...

Goodness he sure likes that night night doesn't he? Looks like it needs a bath. :)