Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yeah, that would be me. Long story short...I'll spare you the embarassing details...My ankle gave out this evening as I was walking out of TJ Maxx. You think that's a sign I shouldn't have gone in the first place? Just saying. Anyway, this happens. A lot. If we rewound about 13 years I could pinpoint this problem to some defensive player trying to rain on my break away lay up and her only hope was to undercut me. Which she did. She did it very well, actually. I spent that Christmas break with my ankle in a bucket of snow in Illinois. Okay, I'll get over it. Eventually. So, now I'm rambling. Anyway, when I got up off the concrete today in front of TJ Maxx and tried to walk gracefully *insert sarcasm* back to the car...I realized this wasn't my usual turn of the ankle. My awesome husband had a bucket of ice and water ready for me when I got home. This might sound strange to some of you...but if you're a former collegiate athlete, it sounds all too familiar. Ice baths. I don't need to go into too much detail, but just imagine: 2-a-day practices and evening ice baths in a large trash can, waist deep just for you. It sounds wretched, however after the first start begging for them. If you're ever extremely sore from a work out, I highly recommend it!

My ankle is still kind of throbbing, but I think I'll survive. If it's pretty and purple tomorrow, I'll take a picture and show you. I CANNOT afford to be on crutches. There are parties and more pictures in my near future. Speaking of pictures. I took these today. Can we say...SO MUCH FUN! I'm off to bed. I swear, I have been getting to school later and later each day. This is bad, because I don't usually start that routine until May. Yikes!


Rachelle said...

Kristy....I am so right there with you on the ankle thing. Mine all started at SFA. I was at an intramural volleyball practice. I went up for a hit and came down on the side of my ankle....worst pain ever. I started to loose my hearing a little, about to pass out. I remembered Clay was also in the gym just down the hall in judo practice. Thank God he was there, but later that night, my ankle was in an ice bath. At least once a month I do the same thing you did today at TJMaxx. Once I even fell while jogging right in front of another jogger, soooo embarrassing. I sooooo feel your pain!!!!

Suesan said...

OH man! I hope it heals fast!