Tuesday, April 14, 2009

* Whew *

I am ready for Friday!

I mentioned in the last post that Trey's ear was bothering him and we were headed to our doctor to have it checked out. Sure enough....outer ear infection (aka...swimmer's ear)! Antibiotics and drops and we're on our way home. Fast forward to this afternoon. We went to H-E-B for some groceries and I got Emery out of the car and groceries on the counter...where's Trey? Oh yeah, he's already out back with the dogs, an every day occurrence. HOWEVER, I usually have time to get the blinds open and keep an eye on him. He was too fast for me today. All I heard was crying, and he comes thru the back door lookin' pretty banged up. His hands had mud and grass stains, and his shirt was covered in grass. I finally got it out of him, that he had been ON the bar of our back deck (about 5 feet off the ground)...and he 'fell' off. We may need to replace that 'fell' with 'jumped'! Remind me to move the coolers off the deck, because that is what he uses as his step stool. Anyhow, he is complaining about his neck. Fantastic. Trying not to be scared out of my mind...I called our doctor's office (it is 5:15), no answer. Next option, try his cell phone. Yep, I have the doctor's cell phone...and that is dangerous! He answered!!! He was still at the office!!! He told me to come on in!!! Did I mention that we have a FABULOUS Dr.? He examined Trey thoroughly, decided against the x-ray and said it is just a soft tissue bruise. He has a little knot/bruise on his neck...so who knows how he landed. However, he can move his head all around, and is chasing Emery in her walker as we speak. I. think. he. is. A-Okay.

It's only Tuesday, so I'm hoping for a more relaxing rest of the week!

Oh, by the way...our Dr. (who we ALL see, including Emery) is Dr. Amit Parikh on Cypress Rosehill and 290, if you're in the area.

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