Thursday, April 30, 2009

Road Trip!

*Ahem* Shameless Plug. Check it out.

Okay, now to this post. In June, Joe and I are heading out on our longest road trip to date. Yes, the kids are coming! Want to know our route? Wait, I might tell you the destination first. A little background information. My mom's entire side of the family is from Springfield, Illinois...and if you know where that is...then, you might just know where Pleasant Plains is...that's where they're really from. Anyhow, I love it up there, but Joe has never been. We are going to do a little sight-seeing on our way up there and take a slight detour thru Mississippi for a friend's wedding. Joe is in the wedding, so that will be fun. Don't ask me how we are going to keep Trey & Emery entertained for so long...I'm open to suggestions. We do have a DVD player, that'll be good for the first couple of hours. lol. Okay moving on. Here's our route. If you know of anywhere we need to visit on this route, feel free to chime in!

Houston to Henderson, TX (visit friends for a day...maybe I should tell them that! lol.)
Henderson to Diamondhead, Mississippi (wedding - looking for affordable/nice place to stay)
Diamondhead to Clarkesville/Nashville, TN (visit friends - whoops, need to tell them too!)
Tennessee to Illinois

I imagine our way home will be a little more direct, but any suggestions will be taken into account!

*Ahem* Shameless plug. Seriously, check it out.

P.S. If you're on my route to Illinois (or in Illinois for that matter), I would love to do some photo shoots while we're on the road!

Hey, did I mention I'm ready for summer?

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Kristen and Andy said...

Well if you come up with any goodideas - let me know! I am taking my first road trip with Brooklynn in July - all the way to Toronto! Its a 28 hour drive - we're doing it in 3 days to break it up. So here's to wishing us both some luck for our big adventures :)