Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tonight our class ventured out for dinner...after we scalped our buffet vouchers, of course. We had a suggestion from one of the group members about a little Italian restaurant around the corner. It started looking a little sketchy, but me and another lady decided we would be nice and not judge until after the meal. We ended up was AWESOME. Great atmosphere, and as our teacher said, "they have more stuff on the walls than Bennigans." I got the Chicken Rio, and it was delicious! We are headed back to The Bellagio tomorrow night to introduce our teacher to that buffet. I definitely miss home, but I've gotten to know a few of my classmates, and we're having a good time together. I only have 2 pictures tonight...

This cute little guy came around at dinner and played for us. The waitress said he won't tell you his age, but they've 'guesstimated' that he's around 75.

Yep, he's real. He made really good robot sounds too!

Stay tuned for more pics, hopefully tomorrow night or Sunday. I think I'm going to whip out my camera and take pictures of my food at The good.

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