Friday, March 6, 2009

...Fun Night...

I had a great time last night. A few of us scalped our buffet tickets, so we could eat somewhere other than our hotel last night. I suspect we will be doing the same thing tonight. It worked great! We headed over to the Bellagio to try out their buffet. It was FANTASTIC. I was eating things that I only see on Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen! We then ventured out to see some of the strip. I couldn't help but take a picture of what you see down there. Yes, that poor thing is being hauled around in a baby backpack. Serious. If that offends you, just struck me as funny and definitely blog worthy! I think if that is what I had to resort to, I'd be hangin' at home.

This was our final stop, love it when Blogger re-orders. It's the Venetian. Pretty obvious.

This was our after dinner entertainment. So pretty. The Bellagio had a magic show too, you know the one that turned my $7 into $30. Yay!

Well, I better hurry up and get ready for class today. A 10 hour class dedicated to Adobe Acrobat....someone help me. Thank goodness for the Internet. Shoot me a comment or an e-mail to keep me entertained! :)

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Ashley McWhorter said...

Hi. I came across your blog through Callie Smith's. Looks like you are have fun in Vegas. I was laughing at your picture of the baby in the backpack. Well, guess what I just saw in a Babies R Us catalog? really is a backpack/baby carrier. For really. I tell ya, they think of everything! :)