Monday, February 16, 2009

* Not Me Monday! *

Well, I took a week off, but I'm bringin' it back. Not Me Monday, compliments of MckMama. Oh, what a great form of therapy.

  • I do not have a ridiculous amount of papers to grade this week. I have 175 students who turned in a 4-page the math.
  • Trey does not have some sort of complex with going #2 at our house. EVERY day he will go #2 at Grammy's house, and then at home and over the weekend...he will NOT do it. Saturday morning, he would never go to the bathroom 3 times on the potty and wear regular underwear to McDonald's...only to come home, get a diaper on for nap time...and you guessed it...leave us a surprise in his diaper. Grrr....
  • I have not taken a ridiculous amount of pictures with my new camera. Nope.
  • We are not overly excited that tomorrow night is Joe's last basketball game is tomorrow night. Woo Hoo!
  • Sunday evening, Daddy did not get to make his first solo trip with Trey to the ER. Background - when Trey was about 2, he discovered nursemaid's elbow. We thought he had dislocated his wrist or something, so we hussle to the ER...only to have the doc come in and take 2 seconds wiggling his arm and it's fixed. This was not the third time since. I did not try and use my expertise and fix it (just as I'd seen the Dr.'s do it!), only to have Trey screaming bloody murder when I tried to set it. He did not have me thinking his arm was broken. Joe did not send me a text from the ER that said, "Well, we got a $100 pair of silly glasses!"...It was not Nursemaid's...AGAIN. Luckily, we only have 2 more years until he grows out of it.
  • I am not counting down the days for my Vegas trip...oh, so exciting!
Have a great week!

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