Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's here...the most dreaded day of the week. Except, for us bloggers because we have Not Me Monday. Thank you Mckmama!

We had a little bit of a busy week this week, so enjoy!

  • Thursday, I did not load up the kids after a half-day at school and drive East to go celebrate Uncle Cody's 33rd birthday. Cody is not claiming that it is the 12th anniversary of his 21st birthday!
  • I do not get all nostalgic after I land behind that pine curtain. I don't get all giddy when we take that last turn from Lufkin heading into Nacogdoches...dang, I love that place.
  • Both of my children are not hacking up the crud this week. Emery does not love her brother so much that she has passed her cold onto him. That nasty cold is not hanging on to both of my kids for dear life.
  • After driving almost 5 hours on Thursday, we would never load the kids up and drive to Dallas Friday night after Joe's game. That would not be way too much time in the car for two kids.
  • Someone, who shall remain nameless did not inch one year closer to 30 this weekend...
  • My husband did not earn massive brownie points this weekend. He didn't take me to one of our favorite places in Plano...Love and War in Texas = yum.
  • We did not have any of these things for lunch. That would just be way too much...remember it was someone's birthday, but definitely not mine. Joe did not come home with this on Thursay night...LOVE IT. Mom's out's a must have!

Dublin Dr. Pepper...
Made with pure cane sugar

Fried Pickles
Birthday sundae...

  • I did not have too much fun playing with my new toy that we just happened to go get on Sunday. Thank you Ned at Wolf Camera in Plano...he was not the best camera salesman, EVER. He actually converted me from a Canon lover to a Nikon lover. We shall see!

Hope everyone has a great week...stay tuned from new pictures from my new toy! :)


Amanda said...

Looks yummy!

Except the pickles.

God bless-

Julie said...

I just turned 33...never thought about the 12th anniversary line. I love it!