Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bringin' it Back...

Just a fun little Throwback Thursday. I gave up on doing this on a regular basis, but I finally remembered to snatch a few pictures from Mimi's house the other night. I was curious if Emery looks like me when I was 7 months. What do you think?

7 Months
5 1/2 Months.
7 1/2 Months

I know they're out of order, but oh well!

On a different note, I am getting anxious about being gone for 7 days! I think I start getting short of breath just thinking about it! I know Joe will do a great job, he's a very hands-on dad, so it's not like any of it will be new to him. We just spend a lot of time together, so I will definitely be out of my element all by myself! I am taking my lap top and my camera, so hopefully that will keep me busy! I don't plan on doing a lot of sight seeing...only because I've been there before and again...I don't want to be out on my own! Well, I better get back to getting grades done...grrr. Have a great weekend! Chances are, my next blog will be from Vegas!

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