Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

Last weekend, was my SFAVB Wedding weekend. Two of my college teammates were getting on Friday night in Kyle, Texas and the other here in Houston. A few friends decided we would do the Tour of Weddings and attend both. Let's just say I could have really used a weekend to recover from that weekend! I don't have pictures, because for once I decided I would just enjoy the fun times with friends. {Bravo to Joe who held down the fort Friday night, while I was having a blast in Austin!} On a side note, always travel with a good friend who needs to use their Hilton definitely has its perks! Love ya E!

Fast forward to this weekend...I helped host a baby shower for a dear friend. The theme for the baby's {Lane} room is Surf's Up, so we just carried that into the shower. I had noticed that a friend from high school has started making cookies at home, so I asked her if she would barter some cookies for a photo was a yes, and look how cute the cookies came out!! Check out Natalie @ Crashin' Cookies! I'm tellin' y'all these were a HUGE hit.

The shower was Saturday at 11:30, but I have had a certain community garage sale on my calendar for months...SO, at 5 a.m. Saturday morning I headed to Walmart to get the goodies I needed for the shower. Got home, assembled all of the sandwiches, and loaded up the car with Joe and the kids at 7 a.m. to head out to the garage sale. Let's just say the garage sale was good to us! I made a promise to Joe that I was just looking for the kids spring/summer clothes...I was proud of myself for sticking to it. Here's what I came home with for Emery: 1 swim vest, 2 bathing suits, 4 dresses, 13 shirts/tank tops, 10 pairs of shorts/skirts, and a pair of Gymboree flip flops. For Trey: 5 t-shirts, 3 pairs of cargo shorts, 2 pairs of swim trunks, 2 polos, and a pair of jeans. I got ALL of that for $25! I love that feeling!

I'm going to back up real quick {I'm scatterbrained like that}...Thursday, I got to do a photo shoot for one of my BFF's and her family. Ryan and I talk EVERY day. I am so excited that they are back in Houston! Here is my favorite outtake from the day...this goes to show your family portrait does not have to be posed to get something that is just y'all.

Ok, back in order...Sunday quickly turned into a pajama day, as I probably did 10 loads of laundry. I have one load left and then it will be done! for about 2 hours and then the pile will build, again!

This week marks the start of Joe's track duties...he helps run the timing system/video for all of the district races. I'll be glad when those are over, and then the final countdown to summer will begin!!

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