Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & More

We had a fabulous Easter this year. Grandma and Papa were in from Dallas for the long weekend. They were a tad bit sneaky, and showed up late Thursday night instead of Friday at lunch. It was definitely a pleasant surprise, and added to the fun! The kids looked super cute in their Easter outfits...I slacked though, and used my mom's point and shoot to get their picture Sunday after lunch...

Big hugs...

For lunch on Sunday, we went to Clementine's in Champions. It's been there forever, and they have an AWESOME Easter brunch/lunch. We don't get to eat like that very often, and it was such a treat! {Thanks Grandma, Papa, & Mimi!} Did I mention they were offering unlimited Mimosa's?!

Grandma and Papa headed home Monday morning. Grandma was a HUGE help, and cleaned my downstairs because we were hosting small group Monday night. We came home from school and Trey asked if the cleaning ladies had come...I said, "Nope, you just have a fabulous Grandma!" For small group, the menu consisted of party sandwiches, greek pasta salad, brownies, and raspberry bites. I found the raspberry bites on Pinterest, and new I had to try them. Um, hello...genius. These will be a regular treat in our house!

Yep, that's all there is to raspberry bites. Clean raspberries and stick a chocolate chip in them. Done. They're pure genius.

This week is TAKS week at school. Just another week that emphasizes the love I have for the elective class that I teach. Good luck to all of the kiddos that are subject to taking the test, and for the teacher's who must endure the 'active monitoring'. Dear Friday, hurry up. Thanks!

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