Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today's one of those days that I'm feeling a bit curious. I glanced over at my Feedjit and was caught off guard by some of the locations! Do you ever get that? I can pinpoint the 5 readers that I know read my blog {HI Grandma!}

Anyways, who's out there? I'd love to hear from you and how you found me! Leave me a comment so I can go check out your blog.

Happy Friday!!!

p.s. Teachers, 29 DAYS!!! {that's not even counting TAKS days or half day final exams!} We're almost there!!!

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Amy Jo:) said...

Hey Kristy, Amy Thomas (Holt) here:) I read your blog! I started reading it back when Trey was going to the doctor and followed you in my blog feed - now I just enjoy your posts! Makes me wish we had been closer friends in high school - you seem like a really great Mom and person!!! Plus I love your photography:) I am in Temple/Belton now.