Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dear God,

Thanks for knocking me over the head last night at Beth Moore.



For a month or so, a lady that I work with has been trying to get me to go to Beth Moore on Tuesday nights. The bible study started during basketball season, which is game night for Joe. Well, FINALLY last night, I got my act together and rounded up a couple of friends and made it! Kari Jobe leading worship may have influenced my decision a little. If you don't listen to Kari Jobe, should.

Let me back up to yesterday afternoon when I got home from school. I was on the phone with Joe , and getting the kids out of the car. Trey had gotten the back door open (with the key) for a good 30 seconds when I realized the alarm was on. I had about 30 seconds to get off the phone and get to the number pad, before the whole neighborhood knew we were home. I may or may not have been a little impatient with Trey. I hung up with Joe and got the alarm turned off. Within 30 seconds, I had a text from Joe that said: 'Pray for Patience'. Me, impatient? Psssh.

Fast forward to last night, sitting and listening to Beth Moore talk about James 5:7-11. Numero Uno on our outline...are you ready for this?

1. Be Patient.

I'm not kidding. Coincidence? I think not. I even took a picture of my outline and sent it to Joe. It's always when I'm going thru the motions that God finds the time to get the frying pan out and knock me upside the head. That's why He is so awesome. We have been so blessed with health, family, you name it. We have seen Him work His magic time and time again, and answer prayers left and right...and I still get wrapped up in the rut of every day life, and He brings me out of it. Love it.

It was my first time to see Beth Moore speak in person last night...and it definitely won't be my last.


Billie said...

Coincidence = God's way of performing a miracle, while choosing to remain anonymous!

Tiffanie said...

Thank you for sharing this. Love what Billie said. He loves that you listened and He loves even more that you are now witnessing to others (like me).

Missy said...

Have never had the chance to hear her speak either, but I would love too! bat
I went to schol with her daughters Amanda and Melissa.