Monday, June 15, 2009

Illinois - Day 2

Today we hung out around the house because the weather wasn't fabulous, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time! Trey and Emery got to meet their cousins, Elise and Emery. Yes, yes...we have 2 Emery's in the family...and we like it that way! Just a testament to the awesomeness of my grandfather, Emery Greene. Anywho, on to the pictures...I know that is what y'all are waiting for.

The Crew...

Michael and Dana

Mr. Emery

Did I mention there are a lot of birds here?

Cousin's minus Miss Emery

Just a swingin'! She really likes that swing.

They wore each other out!

I have more pictures, but it's takin' too long to get them all in can go over HERE to see them...


Courtney said...

Hi Kristy! This is so random, but I came across your blog a few minutes ago when I was looking up the recipe for Poppyseed Chicken on the Kelly's Recipes blog. I noticed that you live in Cypress, TX so I decided to check out your blog b/c my husband and I also live in Cypress. I am still a little new to the blog world but have become a total junkie and love looking at other people's blogs! :-) (Hope you don't mind)

I also noticed that you follow Laura Shook's blog. Do you and your family attend COF? That's where we go to church.

Thanks for letting me stop by and your kids are absolutely precious!

Courtney Yerkes

Courtney said...

I volunteer in the info booth on Sundays for the 9:50 service. Thanks for the prayers! :-)

Kristen and Andy said...

Hey Kristy,

Glad to hear that ya'll are having a fun trip and that the driving went great with the kids. Can I just say how jealous I am of 75 degrees?!?!!? What I wouldn't give to be able to actually wear a sweatshirt You better believe I am counting down the days until our drive up north - less than a month! Can't wait to get out of this heat! Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)