Sunday, August 17, 2008

:: When Mommy's Away... ::

...Trey will play! So, this morning, I made a much coveted trip to H-E-B on my own. However, halfway thru the veggie dept. I realize that my phone is in the truck. One of two things needs to happen here. I need to park the cart and go get my phone, or I need to speed it up...just in case Daddy happens to need something. Hmmm, speed it up. I load the groceries in the car and check my phone to see if I missed anything. 2 text messages from Joe. *ruh roh*

Text #1: Trey was nice enough to make a bath for Emery without my knowledge

Text #2: No worries, no flooding

Here's the story: When I left for the store, everyone was still asleep. Joe was awakened by the sound of the cup hitting the floor. He goes into the bathroom, almost eats it b/c the floor is is what his view looked like:

"Look Daddy! I fixed Emery's bath!"P.S. Notice that her bath is stocked with
cough syrup and Cars band-aids...Nice.

Hmm, what else does she need?

By the way, Trey is sitting in the sink...with the water on. I have Joe trained well, he told me he took pictures b/c he figured I would want to put it on the blog. He's right. I have been a bloggin' fool the last few days, but don't get too used to it...I go back to work on Friday. Yuck.

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Rachelle said...

That is sooooo funny!! I love it.