Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Last Free Weekend...

This weekend was our last weekend as a full family of least until about February when daddy is done with basketball! :) Two-a-days for football started this past Monday, and will finish up this Friday. Joe gets in around 8 p.m. and is pretty worn out. 4 hours in the Houston heat will do that to you! Seeing how sweaty he is, firmly reminds me why I played and indoor sport. I am really looking forward to football season starting. I love watching high school sports. However, I don't know how much I will be watching with Trey in tow. That brings me to my next topic...a babysitter. I found one!! Not an everyday babysitter...we already have the world's best babysitter for the kids during the day...aka Grammy. I'm talking about one for date nights and to free me up some during the week, even if it is just to go grocery shopping. One of my former athletes/students is going to LoneStar College (aka Cy-Fair) and is interested in earning some extra money...can we get a hallelujah? She is awesome, and I totally trust her...which says a lot being one of my former students. If you're a teacher, you know what I mean. (We wouldn't trust most of our students with a pen, much less our kids! Ha.) Okay, I have started rambling. Back to our weekend.

Last night my mom (we should just call her The Life Saver)...came over and let Joe and I go on a date. We figured if we didn't go last night, we might forget what each other looks like before we could go again! We went to Red Fish Grill off of 249 and Cypresswood. I had been seriously craving sushi, seeing as how you're not supposed to eat it when you are prego. This place has AWESOME sushi and a great appetizer called Tempura Fried Shrimp with Southwestern Salsa. Joe and I split a Crunchy Roll. I think I could have eaten 3 rolls, but I behaved myself. After that we paid Circuit City a little trip to drool over the camera that we want to invest in. And of course it wouldn't be a date night if I didn't need to run into Walmart to grab something. We are such the old married couple. We don't like to leave our 10 mile radius! :) All in all, the date was awesome and we got to talk without any interruption which was really nice!

Today, our day has consisted of an awesome service at church and then home for nap time. However, before nap time, we warmed up the camera. Enjoy the pics below! P.S. Sorry for the long post! :) Hope everyone has an awesome week!