Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, Hello Blog...

Oh, my goodness...2+ weeks with no post. SORRY!

We are still alive and well, just super swamped. The last 2 weeks, I have had 3 shoots a week! I am NOT complaining! However, when you mix in the end of school with that, and a trip to Sea World...whoa!

Here's a little bulleted recap of the last few weeks, and then I should be back in the swing of things this week:

  • The end of school was uneventful...hallelujah.


  • We've been in the pool a few days each week. Trey up and decided that from one day to the next that he no longer needed his vest, and that he could swim. NO lie. He is swimming across the pool proud.

  • Emery is in the midst of potty training. We have our good days and bad days. She is a mess though, and when she's tired of thinking about it she will just bring me a diaper and say, 'me want diaper on, no more panties'.....wonder where she gets that laziness? {don't answer that}

  • Joe and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday...we celebrated by driving home from San Antonio and going swimming. Don't be jealous of how romantic we are! :) No worries, we decided we would celebrate Friday!

  • We used the teacher fun passes to go to Sea World on Monday, and had a blast! If you don't have coupons to get in to Sea World....holy cow, it's expensive!!! The only ticket we had to buy was Trey's and it was $49.99 + $20 parking. Adults are regularly $59.99! We had such a good time with the shows, and letting the kids pick what other little things we saw. I loved seeing their faces when they saw something new, priceless. The pictures are over here on Facebook, {You might have to friend me to see them, but let me know who you are...I have to practice what I preach to Trey and Emery and not talk to strangers!} I am too lazy to put the pics over here at the present moment. Again, I'm not quite sure where Emery gets that trait?!

  • Last night, we put Emery to bed in her pj's. I did my rounds to check on the kids before I went to sleep. I found Trey sleeping peacefully in his bed looking so sweet. However, I had to put my hand over my mouth when I went to check on Emery. She had stripped down and out of her pj's and was passed out across her bed in her bathing suit. This girl y' giving me gray hairs.

  • We are home now, and counting down the days until our Coaches Outreach Marriage Retreat...can NOT wait!!

Off to bed, and to gear up for 2 photo shoots this weekend!

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