Monday, June 27, 2011

{Coaches Outreach}

We just returned home from another fabulous weekend with Coaches Outreach. If you're not familiar with Coaches Outreach, it is a ministry geared for coaches. They offer a weekly bible study for coaches, that usually take place in the field house once a week and all of the coaches are welcome. They even invite the wives to do the study from home, so that you can be on the same page as what your spouse is doing. Then, during the summers they offer about 4 marriage retreats to coaches and their spouses. We started going about 5 years ago {thanks to the B family!}, and we have come to realize that it is a MUST for us. It is a weekend, with no kids allowed, where you get reunited with your spouse and are surrounded by the Lord and by couples that are walking the same walk that you are. To say that it was a great weekend, is always the understatement of the year. We had a great speaker this weekend {Pete Chiofalo from Hillside Community Church in Keller}, who spoke about ways to come thru crisis during your marriage. One mainstay during our 4 retreats has been the breathtaking worship music from Michael Bridges...he's from Sunnyvale First Baptist Church near Dallas. {If you're near Dallas, I would highly recommend visiting and listening to both of these awesome guys}

Another huge blessing, is that Coaches Outreach uses donations/contributions to underwrite the cost of the weekend to coaches. It costs us money to go, but much less than what a weekend like that should cost. We are so thankful to those that choose to give to Coaches Outreach, they have no idea of the impact that it makes. If you're looking for a cause that you would like to get involved with, Coaches Outreach is amazing. They are always looking for people who might want to help lead the studies for the coaches, as well as donations to keep the marriage retreats going. Go check out their web site to read more about them: Coaches Outreach.

We are looking forward to next summer's retreat. We already have plans to sponsor another couple that hasn't been on our staff, to go with us next year. If you or your spouse is a coach, and you love Christ....then these retreats will breathe a new life into your marriage.

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KirkKrew said...

Great post! It was a great weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year!!!