Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emery's Turning 3!

Besides wrapping my mind around the fact that Trey will be in Kindergarten this year, is the fact that in two weeks Emery will turn 3. Where'd my babies go?! We have to have a photo shoot for the kid's birthdays, so a couple of days ago it was Emery's turn. {of course Trey couldn't be totally left out...}

Emery has developed quite the personality. Joe and I constantly find ourselves dying laughing at the things that come out of her mouth {and Trey's too}. She is almost potty trained...I made the mistake of pull ups {I knew better, but thought she might like them}...she LOVED the pretty princess diapers pull ups. Luckily, we used the last pull up today, and I won't be buying more. If we could tackle the nap time and bedtime, I'll be ecstatic! We have decided to not start Emery in kindergarten until she is 6 {mid-July birthday, I don't want her to be the youngest}, so this year she will get to stay at Grammie's all by herself while Trey is at school. I don't know who's more excited, Grammie or Em. I'm sure there will be lots of sweet stories from all of their girly adventures.

We are going to have another pool party for her birthday this year...what else is there to do in Houston in mid-July?! :) I'll share pictures once we have her party!

Have a great weekend!

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Missy said...

Kristy, your kids are seriously too precious!!