Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, the days are flying by and we are only 7 days away from SUMMER!!

Here is my current Facebook status:"The last full week of school is upon us....does anyone else hear the choirs singing, "Hallelujah!"?! :)"

Y'all...this year has been complete craziness. I taught a brand new class to me, and I've made it out alive. The state of education right now is pretty scary, but luckily Joe and I are safe, for another year. The rumor is that it's going to be worse in the coming years. I love teaching, and pray that I get to be in it for the long haul.

We haven't been up to much in the last few weeks, other than the usual...school, home, play, photo shoots, etc. It is finally hot enough that I see many, many days in the Brewer pool. Speaking of Brewer's...Shannon, one of my oldest friends had her baby on Thursday, and I got to be there...it was a beautiful thing. Click here to see his pictures.

We are still dealing with my hard drive crash. I should know something this week. Should they be able to recover the data, I will be chopping off my right arm, and selling my kidneys just to pay for it. Hey, who needs those things, right?! Moving on...

It's hard to believe that football season is knocking on the door...2 months! I am however, more than PUMPED for Coaches Outreach this summer. I just learned that several coaching couple friends will be there, and that means one thing...FUN.

Well, I'm off to supervise my students finishing up their projects stare aimlessly at the never-ending brilliant ideas on Pinterest!

7 more days people, 7 MORE! {and 3 of those are 1/2 days!!}

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