Monday, October 20, 2008

:: Dallas Trip ::

These are some of the pics from our trip to Dallas this weekend. It took us 5 hours to get up there after school on Friday, due to a necessary stop at Sam's in Fairfield, and Emery's starvation! She did much better on the way home...Emery and Trey were both great in the car and we made it home in about 4 hours. We had a good time at the Arboretum and of course had fun with Grandma and witnessed in the video in the previous posting! Enjoy the pics!

Grandma, Papa, Trey & Emery
Trey & Maddy
Say Cheese!
Toot. Toot.

The Pumpkin House
Emery's only pic, not quite ready for the pumpkins! :)
Me and the kids
Mimi and the kids
You can tell he really listens...

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