Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: Random Picture Post ::

Ok, so today (for whatever reason) I was going thru my pictures on my 60 gig portable hard drive...yes, I said 60 gig! :) The pics brought back so many memories, I thought I would share some.

Me and My dad...maybe Emery will look like me???
This is my dad's first appearance on the blog...I have a lot more pics, so maybe I'll share some more later. We miss him, 14 years later. Yes, it's been 14 years.

The Fam...WAY back in the day!

Okay, now big jump in the time line! lol.

The Good Ole Days...Go #78! Axe 'Em Jacks.

Our Honeymoon...a week before the wedding.
Funny story.

The Owens Clan - All together! (Trey was 2 weeks old)
Story - This was at Uncle Jerry's funeral. 2 weeks after Trey was born. Fast forward to Emery's arrival and we lost B-Bill (Joe's grandmother) a week and a half later. If we ever get pregnant again (NOT PLANNING ON IT), just sayin' out. We so wish B-Bill would have gotten to meet Emery...

My first published picture...and my only. Don't ask...2 miles took 2 hours. But, if you're ever near Colorado Springs trying to cut over to Pueblo, The Gold Belt Tour is BEAUTIFUL! Oh, how I miss you...and No! it wasn't my fault.
This happened Joe's first Father's Day...
Our first Christmas in Prestonwood, we miss that too!
The Prestonwood Forest Night of Lights is a must-see. I grew up there and looked forward to this every year!So innocent...

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