Tuesday, October 21, 2008

* Do People...*

Do people really steal parking spots? Call me naive, but I really didn't think people were that mean. Well, today it happened. I really am trying to stay positive (as mentioned a few posts ago...), but I had to share this. And the positive part? That not one cuss word left my mouth! My horn honking was just automatic, it was spewing the cuss words for me. :) So, back to the story. I really don't know what it is with me and parking lots lately. A month or so ago, a guy (yes, guys can be bad drivers too!), went the wrong way down a ONE way drive and hit my mirror...no damage, just words exchanged. Once again, I didn't utter one cuss word...he said enough for both of us, even though he was SO wrong. Okay, really I'll get back to today's story. So, I'm waiting...patiently, I might add...with my blinker on, for a 3rd row spot. NO ONE else is there waiting, just me. Well, as the guy is starting to pull out, I notice this white Lexus creeping toward me. In the back of my mind, I think to myself...she wouldn't dare. Yea, she dared, and she did. SHE WHIPPED RIGHT INTO THE PARKING SPOT!!! I had started pulling into the spot when she gunned it and turned in. I know you're thinking, she didn't...YES SHE DID. To make it worse, she had a big flaming Obama sticker on the back. I haven't voiced my political opinions here, but my views and her views are not the same and we'll leave it at that. This poor little lady pushing her buggy out by my car witnessed this whole debacle, just looked in my window and shook her head in pity for me. Yea, I sat there and WAITED for her to come out of her car. I was proud of myself...she was very NASTY and could only utter, "What are you looking at?"...My response you might ask? "I think you are probably the rudest person I have ever laid eyes on"...Her response? "I'm glad" and then she just sauntered into the store like she was so proud of herself. I was shaking I was sooooooooooo mad. I still am mad, I think at the fact that people really are that mean. I am no saint by any means, I struggle with every day sins like everybody else....this just caught me way off guard. Just a blatant disregard for any body else, how do you do that? Okay, I'll wrap it up now....Anybody out here in good ole Cypress, TX...be on the lookout for the white lexus with a big Obama sticker on the window and a longhorn magnet on the trunk....she'll hijack your parking spot! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week. We're gonna be busy this week, my mom and I are going to have a garage sale Saturday mornin...I'm actually excited to clean out some more of the house! My mom needs to get rid of a washer/dryer and I am cleaning out clothes and such. I'll keep ya posted how that goes!

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The Bente Family said...

Yes, people seem to have no courtesy whatsoever anymore. This morning, I was leaving my neighbhorhood for work and we have a skinny road that 2 cars cannot fit on at the same time. Well this big truck turns onto the road and I am by a reflector and cannot pull over, he does not even have the courtesy to move an inch. Shattered my mirror to pieces. Loudest noise I have ever heard. Did he stop, no! Did not even put on his brakes. Jerks!!! But, the positive side, it could of been worse. But I feel you!!!!