Monday, January 3, 2011

The Big 3-1!

Joe is 31 today. Man, where does time go? We've known each other now for 13 is that possible?! Here's 31 things about Joe that I wouldn't change for the world:

  1. He is the BEST father I could have ever asked for Trey and Emery.
  2. He loves God.
  3. Joe is more sarcastic than me...I know, hard to believe.
  4. He does the dishes and loads/unloads the dishwasher.
  5. He loves photography, almost as much as I do.
  6. He tells me I look good, even when I know I don't. :)
  7. He's a handyman!
  8. He's smarter than me, he is.
  9. He doesn't need a lot of things to make him happy. He's a simple man.
  10. He stays patient with me, most of the time. :)
  11. He'll clean the kitchen after I cook.
  12. He takes Trey to do boy girls allowed.
  13. He's a gentleman.
  14. He's my best friend.
  15. He's pretty darn handsome.
  16. Joe is an awesome listener...much better than I am!
  17. He lets me be me...enough said.
  18. He plays the guitar...not enough anymore, but he is good at it.
  19. Trey & Emery scream 'daddy!!!' when he walks in the door...melts my heart.
  20. He is goal oriented.
  21. He can get along with just about anybody.
  22. I often get texts that just say, "I love you"
  23. He loves his family.
  24. From time to time, he will go grocery shopping with me.
  25. He likes to de-clutter the house.
  26. He doesn't allow Trey or Emery to disrespect me.
  27. He is super tech savvy.
  28. He is not afraid to share his emotions...shh, he may not want me to say that.
  29. He will eat anything that I cook, and pretend to like it.
  30. He's mine.
  31. He would sacrifice anything for his family.
  32. I know you're not 32, but I thought I'd add one to tell you how much we love you Joe!
Happy Birthday!

{Sidebar:} When you're saying your prayers tonight, please add Tiffanie & Tony to your list. Sweet Preston is arriving tomorrow morning at 9:30, and he needs prayers to mend his little heart. Tony & Tiffanie are college friends of ours, and I will be at the hospital documenting his arrival. The Lord could not have handpicked a better two for Preston, but all prayers are welcome for their strength and the doctors hands and minds.


KirkKrew said...

Sweet post!!! Please tell Joe Happy Birthday for us! And add #33 - a great small group leader at Coaches Outreach! :)

Rachelle said...

What a sweet post! We should totally hang out one of these days. I really think Joe and Clay would really get along great. Clay's "mans man" friend just moved to PA and he really misses doing guy stuff. Anyway, just a thought. Happy Birthday Joe!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristy! We are very proud of the family you and Joe have created. We love you all very much. Happy Birthday, Son!