Friday, July 30, 2010

We now interrupt...

One of my favorite pillows in the house {which reminds me, I have to go get it out of the closet} says "We now interrupt this marriage for football season}. So appropriate for our house! Meetings started last week, and luckily the guys have Thursday - Sunday off before the kids come for two-a-days next week. Truth be told, I love the Fall so I am ready! By the end of next week, I will be ready to head back to school and get another year under way!

We've just been staying busy with every day things. Last week we took the kids for the well child check ups. Yes, they are both still off the charts...shocker. I expressed a little concern to the Dr. about Emery's speech. Everything that is of utter importance to her, she says just fine. Other things like cracker and fish, she will shorten it. He suggested just having her evaluated to see if there's anything wrong with her hearing. At first I thought it was a good idea because he was 'prescribing' an eval. Yeah, our insurance doesn't cover it. Do I think her speech is $250 worth of behind, nope! Since we went in, she really has started doing better, and we are just working every day on breaking her stubbornness/laziness. She'll say something correctly one time, and you ask her to repeat it and she looks you square in the face and says, "No." The girls is sassy! Also, Emery will NOT say please. We have gone all day for her to finally break down and whisper it because she wants her night night back. We are parents of the year, and outsmarted her....she will now say, "por favor". Success!

I've been super busy with this it!

We've also painted four rooms this summer, and have one more that I want to finish...the guest room. I want something like this bed with light gray walls and black furniture. I've got the furniture, just have to paint it...

I'm about to head out for some mommy shopping time, SOLO...woo hoo! Then tomorrow is cleaning day around here, followed by a maternity shoot tomorrow evening, and the beach on Sunday. FUN times in store! Have a great weekend!

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Steph said...

I feel for you. Obviously, this will be our first year of no football so I'm anxious to see how it goes. Right now, we're still enjoying our last couple of weeks of summer. Good luck this year. We'll be going to some of the games this year per request of the defensive players:)