Friday, January 29, 2010

An Eye for Design

Just blogged a sneak peek for some head shots over here at my photography blog. Mrs. Elaine over at An Eye for Design is one of my dear friends mom, and we've been trying to arrange this since before Christmas. The stars finally aligned and we got it done! I had to have a few moments of drooling over all of the cool stuff in the shop and then we got going with the head shots. It was such a nice change from chasing after my two to grab a picture! If you need any decorating advice or just want to check out some cool interior ideas, head over to An Eye for Design! Here is one sneak peek, but you'll have to head over to the blog to see the rest. This is Mrs. Elaine, and don't even think about that couch, it has my name on it. :)

In other Owens' Crew news...I had a minor scare this morning from the Dr.'s office. I had a message stating that while checking Emery's insurance {for her upcoming 18 mos. shots}, they discovered her insurance was inactive. WHAT? After one very quick phone call to Cigna, it was discovered that their web site was experiencing problems, and may give that message...but if you call, they will affirm that the Owens' kids are insured. Deep breath!

Someone in our house is turning 30 this weekend. We don't need to mention any names though. Luckily, that person has their head on straight and is not struggling with being that old. However, Trey is there to remind that someone that they are getting older. Such a thoughtful guy.

I have a shoot with an old friend Saturday afternoon, I'm hoping that I don't have to Photoshop blue's supposed to be f-a-reezing. Oh well.

P.S. How cute is this dude? Don't worry that I'm working on an arranged marriage with him and Emery.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!

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