Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Update at the bottom...

For my birthday, I told Joe that come 'heck' or high water, I wanted pictures of Trey and Emery. They tend to fall to the back burner when it comes to pictures. Lately, I've had at least one shoot a week, so I get caught up in editing all of those pictures. The stars aligned, and the clouds parted Sunday afternoon when we headed to Tomball. I'm still pretty sure that the sun didn't shine at our house.

Trey was making sure we know that he is 4

This girl...is a mess.

Her personality is really starting to come out...and we're lovin' it!

The other day Grammy said that she was pushing Trey and taking his toys.

Most parents might be disturbed, but we think it's funny that
she is finally handin' it back to him.

He's not lovin' it though.

He's resorting to alternative measures to defend himself...

Yesterday at the Dr., Emery measured 2'10" tall...
signing her up for club vball this week. Ha!

Last week, this guy said "Oh yeah, tough guy"
when Joe asked him if he needed a spankin'...
We are in trouble, I know...

I thought that when I had my boy and my girl, that I would have 2 totally different kids. I have twins born 2 and a half years apart. I swear. When Trey was Emery's age, he sucked his thumb so hard it got callus and swollen, and had to be treated at night with heavy duty lotion and a sock taped on. Guess what we had to do with Emery yesterday? She is on an antibiotic to keep her thumb from being infected, and had to sleep with a sock on it. She cried for 40 minutes when we put her to bed. Poor baby.

Trey was supposed to get his shots yesterday...the district insurance had other ideas. Apparently, our PPO plan does not provide immunizations for kids from ages 3 to 7. They cover the well check-up, just not shots. Make tons of sense, right? I checked it, and the Cigna lady checked it. She said that it didn't make any sense and was passing it along to the account specialists. I can just see me taking Trey to the county clinic. Oh, goodness. I could take this time to give the district a tongue lashing, but I'm going to save that for the poor lady over at insurance when I call this morning. Maybe. I'll chicken out, don't you worry.

Cigna yesterday: From ages 3 to 7 not covered...

Cy-Fair today: That doesn't sound right, if the American Medical Assoc. says that 4 yr. shots are suggested, then it is preventative care and that is 100% covered...let me look into it more and I'll e-mail you this afternoon.

Me not giving up, called back to CIGNA this morning: That doesn't sound right, let me look...she {lovely Imajean}, saw what we & the first CIGNA lady saw, that it appears that it wouldn't be covered. However, she then discovered that under Annual Routine Physical for ages 3-7, preventative care and immunizations are covered.

In a nutshell, CIGNA did not organize the plan very well to show that, and even its employees aren't looking at it correctly.

Trey's immunizations ARE covered.


P.S. There are only 5 more basketball games left for Joe. Hallelujah!

This brings the world's longest post to a close, and if you're still reading...Bless your heart. :)


Courtney said...

I'm so glad I finally got to meet you at Women of COF! Your kiddos are adorable and the things that come out of your four year old's mouth are hilarious!!

Whitney said...

Hi! I'm a fellow coaches wife! I'm not sure how I found you but your blog is precious and I wanted to stop by and say Hi!