Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Boy?

Where did my little boy go? Trey's birthday was on Monday, and I think we're still recovering. We were in Dallas this past weekend, for me to shoot my first wedding {stay tuned for pictures}, and Trey got to have a little birthday get together with his cousins. It was perfect. They went to McDonald's and then to see Alvin & The Chipmunks. On Monday, I was that mom, that was at the grocery store getting him a cake on the day of his birthday. Shame on me. We won't talk about the first one I picked up, and ended up dropping it off in the freezer in the same store...and going to Wally World to pick up an ice cream cake. Apparently, the decorator didn't hear me say 'Happy Birthday Trey' she slapped 'TREY' really big on the cake, and that was it. It probably belonged on Cake Wrecks, no lie. Moving are some pictures of our little get together at home. {p.s. We are holding out as long as possible on having any big birthday parties. We figure we have enough of those in our future.}

OH! Before we go to the pictures...we have been telling Trey that when he turns 4, he HAS to give up his night night. It is one of his burp cloths from birth that he has had. He clung to one specific one, and the poor thing is shredded beyond repair, but he LOVES his favorite night night. We are going on 4 days of no night night, and all is well!! It is in his baby book, and he is okay with that. He has only asked to see it once, but I diverted him. S-a-weet!

Lovin' on his Mimi...

The cake...

Blowin' out the candles...

Can't leave Miss Piggie out...
Y'all, she probably could eat her weight in whatever you put in front of her.
I am not kidding!

Most of the birthday festivities are out of the way in our house. Except for someone else, who shall remain nameless, is turning 30 in the near future. No one you know. Nope.

Finally, we had Trey's follow up with the ENT yesterday. You might remember this frantic post, from me. The Dr. definitely thinks the lymph nodes have gotten smaller since the last check up, which is great news. In order for us all to sleep better, and to ensure no further need for check ups, we are going to do an ultrasound of the lymph nodes under his neck. The doc said, if he was going to ignore them and not check them again, he wanted to make double dog sure that it was nothing. I am okay with that. We would definitely appreciate any prayers sent to make 'double dog sure' that it is nothing and that Trey is healthy.

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Grandma said...

He looks older than 4 - please make him slow down - I like him at this age! They are both so very precious! Love y'all.