Thursday, September 3, 2009


{2 weeks down, 34 to go!} I'm just sayin'! We haven't been up to much at. all. this week. Joe's been workin' hard with football. First game tomorrow night in College Station! Let's say a little prayer that we come out on top, week, might be a very long week!

I, SO, look forward to coming home every other Friday. Why? Their names are Angelita and Mina, and they are quickly becoming my best friends. They make my house live-able every 2 weeks. Oh, how they make my Friday's. When they are through, my garage even smells clean. Oh, happy Friday!

I was somewhat productive this week. You can see the floor in my laundry room now. Stop laughing. It's true. It's actually ALL in 1 basket! You read that right, 1 basket!

Okay, okay...I know you just came lookin' for pictures...and if you're a Facebook friend, sorry...these are repeats. I'll have more pictures this weekend. Promise.

You want to talk about some socialized puppies...Trey might need some therapy when they have to go to their new homes. Speaking of new homes, all 3 of these puppies need one! {ahem!}

Well, this might just be the most random...good for nothin' post. Can you tell I am ready for a weekend? Hope everyone has a great one!

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Bleah Briann said...

We had lots of fun, just sad I didn't take any pics. Next time though...I'll take some Monday though you can count on that! :)