Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No More Excuses!

Alright y' sweet little ones are not so little any more and my blogging has gotten worse by the day. I'm going to be so wrapped up in every day life that I'm going to forget way TOO much. Therefore, after being motivated by a sweet friend, I am hopping back on the saddle. There will, however, be a change. I want to use this blog as a memory book for Trey and Emery as they get older and it has become apparent, that not every body in the world needs to read about our lives. So, this Friday {5/3} The Owens Crew blog will be moved over to private. In order to keep reading, shoot me an e-mail and if we don't know each other IRL then let me know who you are please: owensoriginals {at} yahoo {dot} com. < don't type the at {put an @} and the dot {put a . }, I just didn't want it to be clickable for spam.

Okay, now let's get on with business. The last time I blogged, we were having a tough start to the new year with some heavy hearts for our friends. Our hearts still ache for several of our friends going thru tough times, but all we can do is be there for them and lift them up in prayer daily.

I've been trying to slow down and really value our time with family and friends. We are winding down the school year, so that is becoming doable! 25 days, y'all....25! I can' wait for days in the pool, and sno cones. Today may be the day for the first sno cone of the season...before the cold front hits tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a massive iPhone unload...

This is our friend Braxton, they're a month apart...
...and no, Emery isn't standing on a different level.

 10 minute photo shoot before favorite

Trampoline time...a major staple at our house.

Most nights are spent here before bed...
Trey morphs into 'Not in my house' Mutumbo style

iPad time with daddy...

Trey thought this was a great place to watch football
on Grandma & Papa's porch...

Helping grandma make fruit salad...disregard the
prechopped Kroger was home.made.

Parents of the Year right here...
NEVER {mark my words}, NEVER attend the Rodeo
on Value Wednesday. You'll find yourself here, just
to hide from the insane crowds. Please note...we had
the real tickets, and were not there to capitalize on said value...

This little gem helped mama get thru Value Wednesday.
It was worth every dollar. {12 dollars...don't judge}

At least Trey enjoyed the 58 second haunted house ride at the rodeo...

Emery and her so-called future husband, Mr. Corbin.

We bleed purple at our house...
2013 Southland Conference Basketball tourney


Easter 2013

Our eggs...we loved the PAAS Marble box this year...

Em loves when daddy takes her to dance!

Loading up on some new props!
I may or may not have picked this up ON my photo shoot...

Counting down the days until my first girl newborn gets to model this beauty!

Last week I got to witness Relay for Life for the first time.

Lexi Wynn purse planning madness. Look it up.
Let me know if you want to come to a's genius, y'all!

Trey and Em adopted their friend's Nanny...beyond cute.

Ballet time!

Alright, hopefully we won't have to unload that many pics next time, because I will stay on track! Remember, Friday is the day that we move over to private!!

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