Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HE is there...

What a month. Do you ever have those weeks or months where it feels like you keep getting punched in the gut? It's been that kind of month for us. Not in our immediate family, but in our circle of friends this month has brought about a ridiculous amount of bad news.

For starters, we lost a great man in our community. If you like Owens' Originals Photography on Facebook, you might remember this family. David passed away suddenly a little over a week ago. It hit me hard...not necessarily because I was close to David {we weren't}...but I am close to his sweet, sweet wife. At 38, he leaves behind a wife and 3 precious kids. It hits too close to home for me, because I was that kid. From one day to the next, at the age of 14, I was left fatherless...with no warning. The community is surrounding this awesome family with love and support, but it just sucks...plain sucks. I feel like I'm not doing nearly enough, but something we are doing is this...

Following that news, another family was hit with some horrible news. Emily and I went to high school together, and just this fall we met up for a photo shoot. Her son, Sam {ridiculously cute and spunky}, has just been diagnosed with Duchenne MD. Punched in the gut with that news. He and Emery are the same age. I can.not even begin to imagine the stress, worry, grief that comes with a childhood disease. There is no cure for Duchenne at this time. You can however go HERE, and voice your support of more funding for Duchenne. Prayers for the family would be greatly appreciated.

Sending lots of love and prayers your way, Sam!

It seems like any problems Joe and I come across, seem so insignificant now. We walked in the back door one day last week, to two full rows of tile in our breakfast nook, popped completely up {like a tent, y'all}...Joe and I looked at each other and just laughed. If all we have to deal with is a downstairs with ripped up tile, then we're doing pretty good I think. This is the breakfast nook now, and my kitchen now looks like this too. Joe is on a mission to get all of the tile up before Spring Break, so we can lay our own wood floors over Spring Break. Bring it on!

With everything going on the last couple of weeks, I was so thankful to be driving yesterday when I happened upon this...

HE always reminds us that HE is there...even when life hands us a bunch of lemons.

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