Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, we packed up Saturday morning and hit the road. All week, I kept telling Joe...I just wanna get out of our little bubble, even if it's just for the night. We made it happen, and we didn't break the bank. Every where I was looking for lodging had a 2 night minimum and would easily run us about $500 just to stay somewhere. Um, hello...remember, we're both teachers. SO, I finally came across this place.

Before you bust out laughing, it was quite pleasant. Joe said it kept reminding him of The Shack {the book}. There was a master bedroom and a pull out sofa for the kids. That's all we needed. Did I mention that this place was on 10 acres with 2 ponds? It was, and it's run by the sweetest lady Ms. Carol. Whom Trey took to in about 10.2 seconds. He hopped out of our car, and accompanied her into the house, and down the road, and back again...then, proceeded to beg us to go back to Ms. Carol's house almost all of Saturday afternoon. Here is pouting when we made him come back from her house. The boy never meets a stranger...

Here are a few pictures of what we did....

A little fishing...{don't worry that there weren't any fish in there}

A little 'driving'...we didn't have the keys

A little 'exploring'

Inside the house was the coolest antique served us well for dinner

I also had it set in my head that I would take pictures of my kids for once.
We didn't even do Christmas pictures this year...shame. 
Any how, we got a few.

This is Emery's usual...
"Oh, mom has her camera out...I'll look anywhere but at her"

My two loves.

Getting so BIG!

Trey and his cheesy smile...

I also got SUPER pumped because we kept seeing
patches and patches of these...

Do you know what they are?! 
Maybe you should click here and see if you can figure it out! :)

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