Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product of the Week: Bags!

Well, it only took me two weeks, but I'm back! Linking up again for Tiffanie's Product of the Week.

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I thought I'd focus on the bags I like to carry...whether it be my 'black hole, dump everything, pseudo diaper bag' or my camera bag...I kind of consider myself a bag 'snob'. I won't buy a purse just to buy a purse. The snob part is in my blood I think, it started when I was 12 and Dooney & Bourke hit the scene. I went to a school that was considered 'snobby'. My mom tried to give me a 'knock off'. Um, not 12 year olds knew those things forward and backwards and how to tell the difference. It was not one of my finer moments. Pretty sure there was some door slamming/screaming involved in that fit, and the purse went back. No, I didn't get a 'real' one for a LONG mom didn't fall for my antics! :)

MOVING on. I have carried the same purse for 5 years. Yes, you read that right. Several years ago, Joe and I were strolling thru the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo booth's when I had an out of body experience. I walked into the Two Bar West booth. Y'all, it was surreal. Any way, it took me a year or two to convince Joe to drop half of our car payment on a purse...but I did it! I tell him that the average woman buys a new purse every season, so for the amount of time I carry this bag, I've saved him $! :) The beautiful thing about the majority of their bags is that you can switch out the straps, which I've done a couple of times with this particular bag. They have since switched to the Nutcracker Market, instead of the rodeo...and then they only go to the National Finals Rodeo to sell...yep, two shows all year. You can't really order online, some small town boutiques carry them, but your best bet is at the Nutcracker. I will be at the Nutcracker, come heck or high water, next year to retire this bag. They also make saddle bags/luggage, which we also have. {yes, it's an obsession and I'm okay admitting that} Here is an up close pic of my bag/strap...

Moving on. When it came time to ditch my standard camera bag...I seriously looked at a way to make one of their bags work for me. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm considering sending them an e-mail. Enter Porteen Gear. My love for distressed leather could carry on in my camera bag! You can design your own, and they are fabulous. They even have an Etsy shop with some ready to ship bags. I will be upgrading my bag shortly, to get the larger bag. If you just tote around your DSLR with one lens or so...their regular bag will work for you. I sometimes need my DLSR, 3 lenses, and a flash...hence the need for a larger bag! :) Here is Joe carrying my bag {or his murse}...and my reflector...he has no shame. :) 

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