Monday, December 5, 2011

More Skippy Fun...

We are having a great time with Skippy...the kids wake up every morning and from every nap to check on him. We had a minor meltdown yesterday morning when Emery realized that Skippy had snagged one of her last donut holes! Speaking of melt downs, the following Skippy picture has a story...wait for it.

Skippy was perched upon one of Trey's little play houses in his room. Trey was out of his room, but Emery went in there to play. While playing, she bumped the house that Skippy was sitting on...knocking Skippy off. Joe and I looked at each other when we heard these massive sobs coming from Trey's room and we couldn't make out what she was saying. After some deciphering, we discovered she was saying 'Skippy TOUCHED me!!' In the book that comes with Skippy, part of the story is that you can NOT touch Skippy or he will lose his magic. Emery thought she had RUINED Skippy. We're talking, she could not catch her breath. We finally calmed her down and told her it would be okay. If you've watched the TV movie about the Elf on the Shelf, then you may have caught the part where the brother touched him and the other elves had to give him cinnamon or something like that? I wasn't doing my best job of listening when the kids were watching it...anyways, I'm going with that. SO, that night, Skippy made his way into one of my old mason jars with some cinnamon and sugar to get his magic back! This was one of my favorites so far. It convinced the kids that Skippy was going to be sweet!

Moving on...this is what Skippy's been up to the last couple of nights...

The Abominable Snowman seems to be his favorite...Yahtzee!

 Spooky Skippy!

Yesterday, the weather was YUCKY! Skippy opted to e-mail Santa and let him know that Trey and Emery had been very good. I woke up at 3 a.m. to find Trey trying to read Skippy's note...

I'll leave y'all with an iPhone pic of our tree this year!

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