Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Them.

Trey...the kid keeps me guessing. God love him, he is a sweet boy....he's just A BoY! :) That means, everyday when I pick him up from Kindergarten I have to ask, "Good day or bad day?!" Then, I have to hold my breath and turn the page in his binder to where a note would be from his teacher.

Yesterday, I was fulfilling my civic duty of voting...with the kids in tow. Moms, I know you know what that can entail. On the way there, we had the discussion of how to act at the voting place. VERY quiet, whisper and you have to stay right by mommy. Luckily, we vote at a church, so I got to a booth that had a row of chairs near by. I instructed Trey and Em to sit there and be quiet...I then went to hand Trey my iphone. He totally snubbed my phone, and says "It's okay mom, I'm going to look for my sight words" he's thumbing thru the Bible. I almost cried. It was the sweetest thing EVER.

It's moments like those, in a week that is never ending, that God reminds us to STOP. I stopped and just thanked HIM for that reminder to enjoy these moments with Trey and Emery...and then I gave Trey a big kiss on the forehead for being Trey.

Emery's not to be left out...she's a character. She's decided that she should be practicing her spelling like her big brother. Any thing you ask her to spell right now is 'P-E-R-E-Y'. So she'll say, "MOMMY, I can spell SEAT...P-E-R-E-Y....SEAT" She did that for a good 5 minutes last night at the dinner table and we were all just laughing. Trey was getting frustrated because he knows how to spell it and she fights him on it. It's really quite comical.

Love my 2.

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Missy said...

That story about Trey is precious!! Your kiddos crack me up with their little personalities!!!