Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Halloween 2011}

Another Halloween is in the books! I pulled a Mother of the Year...more on that later. I'll butter you up with pictures first.

Em, and her special face...

This was his tough dude pose.


Help me, please...she gives me gray hair. 

Bein' sweet for 2 minutes.

How about a cross eyed clown? That dang nose would not stay on.

She does these faces all on her own. I swear. I know, we're in trouble.

 That's one mean turtle.

They were ready to go!

Emery being nosy. Every picture of them at the door looked like this.

Wanna hear about my mother of the year award? Y'all know when you're taking pictures of the kids, when you say, "Wait, one more!" Well, Joe was done and the kids were ready to go. I said, "WAIT, I need one of Emery withOUT her special face"...so we got a few more shots. Joe said, "come on Em, let's get in the car"...and then it happened. She slipped on the rocks and landed booty first. She immediately got up and cried the 'I'm hurt' cry...moms, you know the difference. I didn't see anything, but Joe checked her in the car and came back and showed me what she landed on. There were some small metal spiky things that we didn't even notice. She had a few scrapes on her 'cheek' and I was 'sick to my stomach' mad at myself. We got home quickly and got her all cleaned up, and once the bandaid was on then all was right with the world again. My guilt is finally starting to ease up. At first, I was sure we were going to end up at the ER clinic having to get a tetnis shot...here's a newsflash for you {that I didn't know}...if the kids are caught up on their vaccinations thru age 4 or 5, they don't have to get a tetnis shot when something like that happens. WHEW. There it is for for ya...one more reason I will have the M-O-T-Y trophy on my mantle.

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