Friday, May 7, 2010


Let me preface this story with a picture...

Joe was asked to participate in Trey's preschool Parent Pageant. It was requested that he dress up as an astronaut. A cowboy, we have suit is a whole 'nother beast. Wednesday we headed to Home Depot and got a papery painters coverall, shoe covers, spray paint, and some plastic tubing. Add to that a couple of paper sacks and an American flag patch and we were set. I spray painted the coveralls, shoe covers, and bag. On Thursday, I glued the American flag on and painted his name on it. One of my picture boxes came in handy...I duct taped it and added his name and a few decorations. This afternoon, we were set to connect the tubing to the 'helmet' and it would have been complete. To say that Joe was thrilled about this costume, would mean my nose would start growing...really long. Long story short, this afternoon, 30 minutes before we needed to leave the space suit split in a few places and there was no hope for it.

One emergency call to Ms. S {preschool director} and we had plan B. Trey and Joe would be twins, right down to Trey having a fake goatee. I'll have pictures later, but they rocked it and won the 'Best Answer' of the pageant. The question?

"What is your favorite father/son moment?"
Answer: {wait for it g'ma and papa}...when Joe & Trey have Saturday morning dates at McDonald's like Joe used to do with his dad.

We don't need to mention that I was a judge, and everyone got an award...but I'm still a proud mom, and proud of Joe for being there for Trey. There was only one other dad participating.

I think I know what Trey will be for Halloween...any guesses? astronaut. I got it in the bag.

P.S. If you're looking for a part time pre-school option for your kiddos, most high schools have an Early Childhood Program {ECP}. It is fabulous. All of the Cy Fair high schools have them. They are licensed, and my school ECP impresses me on a daily basis. The cost is so much more affordable than other Mothers Day Out options, and this is actually run by the students {who would like to do this as a career} and overseen by the director.


Billie said...

The best part about those Saturday mornings at McDonalds? g'ma got to sleep in! Thanks, that was really special. Love you all!

Suesan said...

So cute & creative!!