Thursday, April 15, 2010


I figured it was time that I clear off my iphone pics {hence the lovely quality}, so y'all are in for it. These go back a few months! Here goes nothin'!

Before we know's gonna be time for Friday night lights!

*on a side note, can I tell you how pumped we are for Coaches Outreach?! We're going to the Lone Wolf, OK one this year...super stoked!

I don't know if I shared this picture when it happened...
Trey sang on stage with my brother at The Texas Opry...
The kid has NO fear!

It's never good when you come in from naptime,
and your little one looks like this...

or, this...{y'all the girl is a MESS.}

She has reached the 'two's' a little early...see?!

I faced my fears of Illustrator this week...I survived.
I freehanded this with one of my bestfriends, the Wacom tablet.

This is a LIFE SAVER in the morning...
my first period gets a little nervous if
there's not one on my desk!

I promise he likes to do this...
Don't go calling CPS or the child-labor people.

I have a video of Trey singing, and was about to upload it when I was handed the blue screen of 'death'...however, I obviously overcame that with a quick shutdown and a minor panic attack. The video will have to wait! It deserves its own post anyway. TGI - almost - Friday!

P.S. Starting to brainstorm ideas for our road trip to Illinois this summer...comment if you have any places that are a 'must go' between here and there!