Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get Your Puppies! AKC Shelties

Whoa. An entire week with no posts. Shame. I think we've had a good excuse though. Emery with a cold, Trey with tonsillitis {shocker} and an ear infection. We're your regular 3 ring circus around know, 5 dogs. Count 'em. 5. 3 of them however, need to find their new home. Is it your home? Maybe! :) They {being 2 girls & a boy} are R.E.A.D.Y. They're eating their own food. Playing, jumping, running everywhere. You know you want one. Just take a look. E-mail me if you're interested!

Female Merle
A sheltie, with Australian Shepherd coloring...

Male Sable
Just a miniature Lassie!

Female Sable
The female mini Lassie!

Excuse the 'blah' of the pictures. It has been a wet, dreary weekend and the pups were enjoying the wet backyard! The lil' ones will be ready this week, so come and get 'em! Don't tell Trey though, he may need therapy.


Garrett Family said...

They are so cute! My parents have 4 Shelties - and they are such sweet and loving dogs. That is what we want to get when the girls get older and we have a fenced in yard to keep them in. They are such good dogs - good luck finding them homes- My parents had 5 puppies and gave them all away but 2 - that is how they ended up with 4. We didn't want to give any up - they were so cute. One of the families sends my parents a card every year of their shelty and my Mom just love that!

Suesan said...

AWH! They are so stinkin' cute! I hope the kiddos feel better soon!

Bleah Briann said...

I think Grammie wants ALL of them...;)