Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Weekend!

*BEWARE: Massive Picture Post*
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Have I ever mentioned that I {HEART} these girls? Growing up I was on a lot of teams, but none like this one. Ahhh, the sister's I've never had. We got together this weekend in Dallas, for SB's wedding. SB you ask? Well, don't ask...she'd hurt me if I told you what it stood for, seeing as how she works in PR. Here are a few pics from the wedding.

{SO happy}

{The dress was AMAZING}

{SFAVB Wedding Tradition}
I could tell you, but then we'd have to hurt you. j/k.

{Yes, that is Joe with hair!}
He'll shave it as soon as those TAKS results come in.
They can't come fast enough. We miss his bald head.

We also got to hang out with Trey's girlfriend Friday morning...are they not ridiculously cute?

{Serious conversation folks.}

{Hand over your money}
She's learnin' early...'atta girl Maddie!


Saturday morning we had a great time 'showering' Baby Tolar. It was the end of a great reunion for the SFAVB Family. I already miss everyone. I also have to send out a massive thank you to Grandma & Papa for babysitting...thank you, thank you, thank you! Here are some pictures from the shower...

{Only for the nose, Erika!}

{Marcus is getting his practice time in}

*Whew, that was time consuming...I think I'll get some work done now.*


Anonymous said...

The score are in!

Michele said...

Awesome pics!!! The ones of the kids...I see and white and hanging on the wall! BEAUTIFUL!!!