Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Deal

So, they're making a big deal about a Maryland girl going her entire school career without missing a day. See. Perfect school attendance for 13 years. One of the front stories on Yahoo! today too. I first saw the story, and just chuckled. I thought to myself, "Oh, Joe's not going to believe this!" Almost 11 years after the fact, that my husband did this. Joe went 13 years of school and never missed a day. He can even top that....he got hit by a car one evening, got his cast at the ER, AND STILL MADE IT TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY. Crazy!

It's a pretty big deal, I guess...seeing as how, I'm pretty sure I got a letter in the mail my senior year threatening me that I might EA (short for excessive absences in the school world)...

That's okay Joe. I'm announcing your accomplishment to the Blog World. So much more important than the Washington Post, MSNBC, and Yahoo. Sheesh.

Hey, Joe...I made something for you. It's so much better than national recognition...See?

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Joe's Mom said...

and he went to school in a wheelchair after being hit by the car! One tough young man - he sure was glad when the official Senior Skip Day came around so he could skip school without it counting against him.