Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Need a Good Laugh...

There are many days that it is SO easy to get stuck in the rut of being a wife, a mom, a teacher, a photographer...and the list goes on. To lighten my mood, I turn to Pinterest to take a load off and to get my mood in check. I bring to you some of my favorite Pinterest 'humorous' quotes...

I'll start with the ones that I would love to display in my classroom...however, I value my job way too much to actually follow through.

Source: redbubble.com via Kari on Pinterest

Now for some random stuff that makes me laugh. Usually at my desk, and yes...I usually get crazy looks from my students.

I definitely have these days...do you?

No joke!
Source: tumblr.com via Missy on Pinterest

Not gonna lie...

I had one of these days last week...No, really.


Andria said...

The "WTF" stamp is my favorite. That would be SO fun to use! Awesome.

Rose said...

I love this post it is so funny!!!!!

I have tagged you here: throughroseseyes.blogspot.com