Friday, November 19, 2010

Slooooow Down

Let me know when there is a magic potion to slooooow down the hours in the day. I think that would come in super handy! It's sad when Joe and I are running around the morning that the maid comes to pick stuff up. His response this morning was, "Aren't we paying her to do that?!" I am just getting thru the day waiting for the second I pull into my garage and get the whiff of Fabuloso. You know you have a good house keeper when your garage smells good!

Moving on. Thanksgiving is at my house this year. First. Time. Ever. I am responsible for the turkey. I think I need to have Luby's on speed dial just in case.

I am making these, and I'm super excited. PW is my idol. I'm just going to throw that out there. In my next life, I want to live the ranch life.

Will y'all say a little extra prayer for our sweet friends? Their maternity shoot is still one of my favorites, you can check that out here.

Are y'all 'linked' out yet...because I could keep going.

I think I will keep going. I'm super excited to do a photo shoot with Trey and Emery in the next week or so. Grandma got them some AWESOME outfits from My Vintage Baby. I was going to show you which dress, but I think I like the element of surprise for this one.

I finally cleaned out Trey and Emery's drawers. Happy to see those 4 trash bags FULL go to great friends! That just means that all of my garage sale/consignment finds can finally go INTO their drawers. I have hit the jackpot in the last couple of weeks for their clothes. Last week at a garage sale, I found a lady who was selling her daughter's clothes {all Em's size}, for $1 or less a piece. Oh, don't let me forget to mention that they were all Gymboree, Miss-Tee-V-Us, and other boutique brands. SCORE.

I guess that's enough random-ness for one day. Joe's team plays tomorrow at 6...I'll let you guess how excited I am that I have a babysitter for the game!!!!!!!!! {the exclamation points should give you a hint!}


Tiffanie said...

I love PW too. I also love some sweet potatoes. Unfortunately Tony does not feel the same way. Thanks for the prayers.

KirkKrew said...

Good luck today!!! We play at nervous! And, you've inspired me--time to clean out the girls drawers and closets!