Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothin' New

Another week has started, which means we survived another week of football season! We won this past weekend...can I get a hallelujah?! I was threatening Joe that I might have to be committed if the Wildcats lost this weekend. I am not a good loser. I was looking thru the last few posts, and realized y'all may have forgotten what Trey and Emery look like! We went outside {is this weather not fabulous?!} Sunday while we were waiting for Joe to get home from work and had a little impromptu photo shoot...I should have known that Joe wouldn't be home before dark, they have a Saturday - Thursday game turn-around this week...YUCK. Okay, okay, the pictures...

Let me set this stage for you. Trey wants nothing more than for Emery to play tackle football with him. However, if you remember...Emery does NOT like to get dirty {other than taking her dirty diapers off in bed}, so she declines the invitation 98% of the time. In this picture, Trey says to Em, "Emery, take the football and run...I'll tackle you very nicely!"

This is Em's mad're scared, right?!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend...get outside and enjoy the weather!

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KirkKrew said...

So cute!!! And, congrats on the WIN! I was checking the scores. :) Have a great weekend!