Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Little of This...

And a little of that. Not much going on this week in the Owens' household. Well, other than the countdown to Spring Break! 5 more days! Don't count all the way to Monday, we count to Friday at 2:30!

I think the weather finally decided to figure out that it was Spring time in Texas. We've been loving the near 70's. I am feeling some retail therapy in my near future. Not sure when, but it'll happen. It's time to figure out what Trey and Emery will wear for Easter...So far, I'm liking this:

I think Trey's look will be from Crazy8...LOVE that store. Emery's may just come from Target. The girl will have a bow, even if she takes it off in the first 5 minutes. Speaking of 'taking off', Emery may or may not have her diaper taped on every night we put her down. Taking off her pajamas/diapers/shoes/socks has become her new favorite pastime. Luckily, she doesn't like her hands to be dirty, so we've avoided the colossal mess that some mother's are so fortunate to find in the crib.

We have bible study at our house tonight...good times! In not so good times, Trey hears the ice cream truck and is having a melt down because he's not getting any. Gotta go!

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Mrs Garrett: The Facts of a Football Life said...

I love them both - and blue is such a good idea!!