Friday, September 7, 2012



I'm pretty sure that's the sound you've heard when you've visited the blog the last few months. It always crosses my mind that 'oh, I should blog that'...but you can see how well that has worked for me. Now that school is back in full swing, and I am at a desk more and more every day I thought I'd give this another shot. So without further rambling, here's what you've missed out on.

{These are in no particular order}

Trey started flag football...
You'd think some of these parents {not on our team}
thought this was the superbowl...
Almost makes me nauseous the pressure they put on 6 year olds.
So glad we're letting Trey have FUN.

Galveston for Labor Day weekend.
Dolphin watching!

Trying to be steps.
We love this new addition to our kitchen!

My little giant started ballet.
Say a prayer for me, SO NOT a dance mom! :)

SFAVB Reunion
My MOST favorite people on the planet.
Besides family...and some friends are considered family...
you know who you are. :)

Lazy mornings...

One of the BEST inventions...EVER.

What have I done?
First purchase @ abercrombie kids.

We got ready for daddy's football season...
Emery is Wildcat'd out!

I bought some 'fake' TOMS online, and painted them.
Saved me about $50! 

We visited Longhorn Caverns...very cool lil' excursion.

We had art time...
These canvas' are now proudly hanging in their rooms.

Road Trips!!

Celebrated an AMAZING daddy for Father's Day.

 Mommy felt like painting...
Here are the guinea pigs.

To top off the last of the summer...
Trey lost a battle with a Bird of Paradise trunk...
Yes, all of those black dots are splinters.

...and when you're in Galveston, and need the Dr. to
check his hand, you end up having a sideline call at
Dynamo stadium. We have an AMAZING doctor.

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Jennifer said...

What is that "Best Invention Ever"? It looks really cool!